Where To Look For Kinky Escorts

While many men just want to hire an escort for sexual experiences, for others, there can be a lot more to it. For example, perhaps somebody is just looking for companionship or somebody who can accompany them on vital business dates, or perhaps even around the world. Because of the different demands that men have, there are a variety of escorts – otherwise known as courtesans – out there that offer these types of services.

In addition to the types of escorts available, nowadays escorts are able to cater for an increasing number of fetishes. Domination is one of the more popular forms of sexual activities currently enjoyed, and hence more and more men are looking to acquire the services of dominatrixes who can satisfy certain kinks. These kinks include taking pain for their mistresses – often in the form of whipping and spanking – as well as foot fetishes. The foot fetish is a fetish many men choose to keep private due to fear of embarrassment, however it is extremely popular and is a fetish that is enjoyed by many men. Escorts are aware of this and therefore many offer foot-worshipping sessions.

Men often like to engage in anal play too. While this is often in the form of them performing anal on an escort, escorts using a strap on to penetrate them is also very popular. This form of domination and power exchange is one that is best tried at first with a professional as it could perhaps be dangerous if you attempt to do it without fully understanding the risks. Once mastered however, it is one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences that two people can enjoy.

Those looking for some kinky sexual experiences should head to Craigslist to find a willing sexual partner, or over to FetLife if they are hoping for a more professional experience. Both sites have their bonuses – Craigslist allows two like-minded people to meet quickly and without hassle for no-strings fun, while FetLife enables a client and service provider to properly discuss what they are hoping for in a session before getting down to it. Moreover, FetLife also has a review system which allows users to determine which service providers on the site are the best, which enables them to ensure that they have a fantastic time.

Ultimately, it depends what exactly you’re after. Craigslist allows you to find somebody for a 15-minute quickie, while FetLife is likely to offer you a more fulfilling and complete time.

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